My name is Daniel Quasar and I am a queer non-binary celestial object having a human experience. Artistry is my school of magic. Design is my path of choice.

I’m usually the one keeping my distance and staying behind the scenes, because sometimes it is just easier that way. When you live with anxiety and various other mental health issues, the path of least resistance is usually the easiest and best choice. My approach to my art and how it is consumed by the world has been seen through this lens. Whether that be by use of a persona, keeping my name off of things, or not touching it much once it is out there, I always strived to keep a healthy distance because I was afraid.

I’ve made some things. Some good, some bad, and a lot just terrible. My work has been seen, watched, listened to, critiqued, praised, hated, and loved by tens of thousands around the world in various mediums. Outlets that span the spectrum of digital and physical media have had something to say about what I have done. It is an overwhelming but rewarding experience.

Fear is a strong emotion and tool that can help or it can hurt. For many years I have let it hurt me and hurt what it is I am doing. By recoiling myself, I thought I was protecting myself. What exactly was I protecting myself from? I’ve been questioning that and have decided that it is time to step out. I want people to see the person behind the work and, in a way, take back agency over myself.

Once hidden within the shadows, this is a declaration of independence and a coming out into the light.

Welcome to Me. No more fear.

photo by Kevin Henry - Atomic Aerials